Bayliner 2655 Ciera - Engine Oil Analysis (# 01082)

Inboard Petrol – Mercruiser 5.0L  V8 with outdrive propulsion
Bayliner 2655
Marine Engines are Expensive to Repair  (V)  Historic Motor Racing
John, thanks for the prompt reply.  This is very acceptable to me.  I have just placed an initial offer for the boat, I think we will come to an amicable agreement in the next few days so hopefully I will be requiring your services.
Engine – having just retired from historic motor racing (including F1) I totally agree with your comments regarding how expensive engines can be to repair.  As a minimum I would need an oil analysis but do you know of a suitably qualified engineer?  The engine is a 1999 Mercruiser 5.0Ltr V8 petrol (non-EFi).
It might be of interest to you that your name was mentioned to me by a couple of experienced boating people as the ‘turn to person’ to carry out pre-purchase inspections on Broads Boats.  Definitely nice to have a good reputation (one day perhaps I will get one…).
Best regards

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