Lord Nelson ex Swedish Navy 121' Gunboat | Sea Cadet Training Ship | #00918

TS Lord Nelson Training Ship – Marine Survey

Survey for In-Water Steel Hull Thickness

Training Ship Lord Nelson built in 1978 at 37.1m length, 150 tonne displacement ex Swedish Navy Gunboat – Now the floating training centre in Norwich for the Static Sea Cadets & Royal Marines Cadet Unit

P1510390        P1510417

Due to costs involved and the difficulty in slipping a vessel of this size locally we were requested if we could undertake an in-water examination of the steel hull to establish current steel hull thickness’s and loss of plate – without the necessity to bring the vessel out of the water

By using the Cygnus 4 Thickness Meter being a multi echo ultrasound tester, we were able to undertake this task at a fraction of the costs involved in moving and slipping etc

P1510450         P1510392

TS Lord Nelson in her previous role as a Swedish Gunboat (HMS Vale, P151)

Featuring multiple echo technology, the Cygnus range of ultrasonic surface thickness gauges are non-destructive testing (NDT) instruments that enable an accurate metal thickness measurement to be obtained from one side only, without the removal of protective coatings or damage to test materials

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