Delta RIB 5.5m - High Speed Accident Damage at Sea (#00950)

5.5m RIB             5.5m Rib 2

Delta RIB  5.5m

Acting as Marine Insurance Loss Adjusters, European Marine Services was recently instructed to inspect and report as follows:

  • Casualty details including views on what caused the damage.
  • Review the estimates for repairs to the third party vessel and advise whether you consider the work fair, reasonable and casualty related.
  • Provide us with your reserve estimate.
  • Witness details, where applicable.
  • Subrogation* details, where applicable  ( * Insurer’s right to pursue a third party)
  • Photographs of the damage.

The accident happened at speed and resulted in extensive damage to the GRP hull plus rupturing the inflatable tube (sponson) with the RIB being close to sinking.  Fortunately no one was hurt

P1530795               P1530833

View of extensive damage to GRP hull

What is important is not the results of our investigation / inspection or how the accident happened which remains confidential, but that the insurance company required the following documentation as part of its claim consideration from the insured parties

  • Warranted all vessels classed and certified
  • Warranted all vessels are fit to encounter the ordinary peril of seas, rivers, lakes or navigable waters, properly crewed, equipped, fuelled, provisioned and with all equipment in proper working order. Seaworthiness applies not only to the physical conditions  of the hull but to all its parts, equipment and gear.
  • Were the crew fully qualified up to RYA Level 2 power boating, VHF AND Sea Survival courses.

The above clauses (extracts) being part of the Insured Marine Policy Terms & Conditions  ie. the small print

This being important to boat owners whom have the misfortunate to make a claim in the event of an accident

Therefore make sure that as an owner / operator / user of small high speed craft that you are fully aware of the Insurance T&Cs,        

If not you may possibly find that you have no cover

For more information contact European Marine Services Ltd    (inc European Marine Surveys)
Tel :  01603 327 123

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