Nirvana 30 (1986) - Insurance Salvage Sale - Worth Buying (#1003)

On behalf of Haven Knox-Johnson (Amlin) we recently inspected a Nirvana 30 that had sunk at its moorings consequent of vandalism, being now pumped out and now afloat

Nirvan 30 Marine Insurance Survey, Pumped out and refloated at its moorings      Nirvana 30 Refloated with minimal water damage

Due to a low insured value this vessel is a Total Constructive Loss (TCL) and therefore being Offered for Sale as Salvage

The engine is a 2 cyl diesel Kubota ZB750 shaft drive, and the engine has not been removed or inhibited

Kubota ZB750 2 cyl diesel     Nirvana 30 Interior view with water damage

However, in our opinion this vessel other than (minimal) water damage is very recoverable and would be a commercially viable project


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