Herbert Woods Gaff Rigged Half Decker 1937 (#845)

Herbert Woods Gaff Rigged Half Decker 1937                                                               

This 20′ gaff rigged broads yacht is a classic and was built by Herbert Woods of Potter Heigham at the same time as the early YBOD (White Boats) that currently race on Wroxham & Barton Broads

P1420209    P1420207

To all intents and purposes this yacht is actually a White Boat with some small changes, such as there is no horse with a block fitted for the mainsheet on the aft deck.  The keel is also slightly longer and possibly a fraction deeper however everything else is the same.  Herbert Woods may well have experimented with this yacht and YBOD sails will almost certainly fit

She has been kept in a garage for the last couple of years and being unused is in very good condition, being re-planked in 2006.

We undertook a pre purchase survey and found only minor problems such being easily remedied. The seams being sikaflexed have done well although there is a risk of taking on a lot of water when next launched, but the seams will quickly take up.

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