Canal Houseboat - Wide Beam - Review (#819)

Wide Beam 35′ Steel Canal Houseboat                                                                                  

DSC05396     DSC05400

We have recently carried out a survey on a custom built canal boat. The barge was built in 2005 with the idea of cruising the Broads and therefore was built slightly wider than its counterpart in the north. This gives ample space for cruising and live aboard.

In general the boat was in pretty good order inside and outside and well looked after.

The steel hull was starting to show some rust, which is quite normal on a steel boat and in my opinion is due to the type of anodes used. The boat has been kept in Oulton broad for some years and I believe the anodes to be for fresh water. But if the boat is to be kept there it should be easy enough to replace the anodes with salt type ones, zinc or even alloy anodes.

Apart of that the boat surveyed well and if you want to cruise in style I definitely recommend a canal boat for their classic look and feel.

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