Atlanta 24 Pre Purchase Survey - Testimonial # 01519

Good afternoon Will,

Many thanks for your report and feedback. It all appears to be quite clear enough for me to contact Sam at N Y A and continue with an offer on this boat. I have to visit my bank tomorrow morning so I will take your payment details with me and settle the account in full then.

As mentioned during our meeting would you please send me a copy of the current safety certificate.

May I add that I was extremely impressed with the service I have received in this matter, you personally, showed lots of patience and understanding in carrying out your survey whilst being ‘watched’ and followed around the  boat by a complete novice to boating. Had the roles been reversed I think either you or I would have finished up in the river.

Whilst I do not know of anybody in the Norfolk area seeking a similar survey at present, I will have no hesitation in recommending your company’s services in the future.

With kind regards