Fairline Targa 50 - Pre Purchase Survey & Warranty Claims (#730/796)

We undertook a Pre Purchase Survey of a very nice c2011 Fairline Targa 50. As a direct consequence of which several months later we then represented (Expert Witness) the then owner in respect of Dispute / Warranty Claims.

Marine Survey Fairline Targa 50   Marine Survey Fairline Targa 50 in Essex

Our attendance / inspection of Warranty-Work in Progress on a month by month basis, being agreed with both Fairline and their Agent

The background to this being that as part of the buyer’s purchase T&Cs, Fairline and their agent / broker agreed to warranties covering ship’s services etc.

Though there were several (42 items) warranty claims, one significant claim was for the ingress of water through the recessed deck hatches located both port and starboard in the teak faced side decks.

These recessed side deck hatches cover the electrical motors operating the main saloon (very large) windows which are designed to lower into the saloon side linings.  However it was discovered that debris (ex production) had blocked these locker drains, a consequence of which the lockers over time subsequently filled with sea water – flooding the electric window motors / winding gear and eventually flooding into the guest cabins below via ducting, destroying deck head linings, side linings, carpets & electrical gear etc.

We also understand that this same problem has happened to other Fairline Targa 50s, fitted with the same main saloon electrical window operation – potential buyers beware

In support of the Fairline Agent involved they undertook and eventually rectified all warranty items and carried out work above and beyond the actual claim – to the satisfaction of the owner. However many items claimed were as a direct result of poor quality control in the Fairline building programme.

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