Ocean Rowing Boats - Rannoch R45 - Atlantic & Pacific #02111 \ #02147

In mid and late 2023 European Marine Services undertook two most interesting marine insurance surveys / inspections of    2x Rannoch R45 Ocean Row Boats

Team ‘HODL’  (Hold on for Dear Life) Rowing the Pacific Ocean from USA to Hawaii – 3 Man Crew   

  Team HODL

Pacific Rowing Challenge 2023

Team HODL is a 3-person crew taking on the challenge of rowing across the Pacific Ocean, from Monterey Bay California to Hawaii, to raise donations for the Ocean Cleanup Charity. It’s a 2,800 mile journey that if completed in under 60 days, becomes a World Record too. 

It’s a project that started with planning 18 months ago. At the beginning, the team had no financial resources or boat. They spent their early days doing marketing stunts such as rowing on a borrowed rowing machine in parks. This got them press attention and then allowed them to reach out to sponsors. From there, the project grew larger and larger, with media attention coming from ITV, BBC and Sky News. 

As mentioned, the journey will take around 60 days and within that, each person will roughly row 16 hours a day, and rest for 8 hours. The shift pattern is to row for 3 hours and rest 90 minutes at a time. That rest does not necessarily mean sleep as they need to fuel themselves, hydrate, clean their bodies and maintain any issues with the boat. On average, each crew member will consume between 5,000 – 6,000 kcal per day and drink around 6 litres of water. The water is produced through a water-maker that separates the water and the salts from the sea water.

Team  ‘The Big Oardeal’  Rowing the Atlantic Ocean from Canary Isles to Antigua – 4 Man Crew       

Team ‘The Big Oardeal’

” Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge”

Starting from San Sebastián de La Gomera in the Canary Islands and finishing in Antigua.

Rowing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and hoping to complete the journey in about 35 days.

Rowing over 1.5 million strokes, burning 5,000 + calories a day, and facing waves up to 20 feet high.

Rowing a 28-foot Rannoch RX45 specially designed for ocean voyages

Update 16 Jan 2024:  Day 34 Currently lying in 12th position with 600nm left to row. The lead boat is almost there

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