Sealine S38 - Structural Hull Defects (# 920)

Acting in the capacity of an Expert Witness (CPR 35 compliant) we recently inspected a Sealine S38 for inherent structural hull defects

The background to this being as follows:

Sealine’s are generally considered to be lightly built and several models suffer from stress cracking / flexing of the hull.

Sealine S38        Sealine S38 (2)

The Sealine S38 suffered from an exceptionally weak hull GRP layup making it prone to vertical and longitudinal stress cracking – this being due to a miscalculation of the original layup specification by their design department *

The principal area of fault lying between the bow thruster tube and the forward engine bulkhead

Back in 2005 / 2006 Sealine agreed that additional strengthening work was required on the hull of the Sealine S38.  This however was carried out on a boat-by-boat basis, and as we understand it no general recall notice was issued and Sealine only took action when customers complained.

Consequently there are many Sealine S38’s still in the market place which have not been strengthened

As Sealine are no longer in business in their original form – warranty / claims are no longer valid.

An estimate as to the cost of rectification can be anything between £15,000 – £25,000 depending upon who carries out the work

* Acknowledgement:  Paul Homer, Homer Marine Ltd

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