6.8m Wood Fishing Boat | Marine Survey for Insurance Purposes # 01312

  6.8m Wood Crab Boat c 1972

A very pleasant way to spend a sunny afternoon at Well-next-Sea

EMS recently carried out a marine survey for insurance purposes on a very nice inshore wood fishing boat c 1972 that is currently used for (commercial) crab and lobster fishing and has recently undergone some refurbishment (WIP) with a new Yanmar diesel engine and other equipment /engineering services

This small craft being quite typical of local fishing boats – open cockpit with a very small cuddy forward and a centrally located diesel engine

We found several areas that required attention to include such as the newly installed Fuel System – isolation valves / filters etc  /  the piping and isolation valves being unsupported and consequently leaking, and equally do not conform to good engineering installation practices or recommendations

   Fuel system layout not recommended

Other significant areas that required attention included  ……

  • Battery Security – Batteries being unsecured and free to move – not recommended in an open sea and rough conditions as the vessel is likely to loose all electrical services
  • Steering System – Being wire & pulley where the wires were not attached / secured professionally to the transom mounted rudder tiller and consequently the wires could chafe and fracture – and loosing steering at sea could be embarrassing – No emergency steering facility fitted
  • Raw Water Seacocks – All piping needs to be secured with twin J clips and though a single J clip may well be sufficient, insurance requirements are for two
  • Exhaust Hose – Non exhaust hose (not coded) being fitted, though this is possibly OK – existing hose is an ‘off the shelf’ heat resistance hose

    Wells harbour at low tide

In summary this is a very nice and reasonably well maintained 6.8m crab and lobster boat, but recent upgrades have been undertaken without professional input

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