Broom 35 Captain | A 1960s Wood Classic in Need of TLC | # 01335

    Broom 35 ‘Captain’

European Marine Services recently undertook a Pre Purchase Survey on this Broom 35 Captain at Simpson’s Boatyard Stalham

The purchaser is very keen on owning a classic wood boat and this Broom Captain fits his purpose nicely

This classic 1960s Broom Captain has spent the last few years in a covered wet-shed and has therefore been largely protected from the elements. However like all wood boats if left with out on-going maintenance deterioration sets-in and restoration starts to become expensive.

Examination of the bottom produced several areas where there is wet-rot, consequently boards need to replaced as a matter of some urgency before this spreads further. We would conservatively estimate that some 25ft – 35ft of planking requiring replacement that may well increase when areas exposed. The hull topsides moisture readings being measured using a Tramex Plus Moisture Meter, being considered quite reasonable – giving relatively ‘acceptable’ commensurate with age – moisture meter levels of less than  < 25%

Internally / cosmetically this Broom Captain is in need of a lot of varnish attention and cosmetic work, there being mildew growth on many surfaces – but this again takes time and money

  Wet rot in bottom planking

Other areas that required attention:

  • Seacocks / Skin fittings  The galley and sink drains being lead down pipes are still installed
  • Steering Bench    Corroded quadrant
  • Bilge spaces   Fouled with oil and water and ‘mud’ present

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