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Attention Boat Brokers / Sellers & Buyers – Sale Particulars

For Sale in Essex

For Sale in Essex

We are currently representing a private client who sold his boat through a yacht broker, whereby the ‘boat specification’  ie what was sold with the boat and what was actually present (viewed) on the boat, but not part of the ‘sale agreement’  is in dispute

The first lesson to be learnt is that when selling or buying – detail / list all items included in the sale

Moving on the buyer having taken delivery of the boat subsequently suffered some damage when mooring.

The claim is that had the missing equipment (thought to have been included in the sale) been available on the boat at time of mooring, then the vessel would not (possibly) have suffered damage

All this is open to dispute and argument, however when selling or buying make sure you get full information / detail as to what is or not included to avoid potential future and expensive litigation

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