Mediation - What is mediation ? A simple guide

There can be no doubt that going to court is more and more becoming out of reach for most of us. It is equally certain that going to court is frequently NOT the most effective means of resolving a dispute. The combination of these is creating an increasing need for alternative means of dispute resolution (ADR) and mediation is at the forefront of dispute resolution

Mediation is – Quick, cheap, flexible, creative, easy to understand and participate in – and – most importantly – within the control of the parties – and not the courts.

Mediation is a process for resolving disputes. In mediation parties are helped by an independent third party, the mediator, to reach an agreement with which they are happy and resolve their dispute

Mediation is a non adversarial method of resolving disputes. It is appropriate to almost all commercial and boating marine matters which are capable of out-of-court settlement 

Mediation  Advantages

  • Opportunity to present your own case
  • No settlement is imposed upon you
  • Directly involved in own agreement
  • Proceedings in private & confidential
  • Services of experienced & qualified mediator 
  • Reduced costs
  • Exploration of alternative solutions
  • If unsuccessful legal rights not prejudiced

When to use Mediation

When it appears that there is little chance of an agreed resolution and a risk that the problem may get out of hand and involve all concerned in a lot of time and money. 


The costs associated with mediation are normally shared 50 / 50 between parties and are generally small in comparison to the costs involved in going to court – A day in court is very expensive

European Marine Services Ltd. through their John Clabburn have accepted mediation instructions involving disputes of just a few £ thousand pounds up to several £ million pounds. Undertaking mediation(s) in the following countries – Irish Republic, Croatia, France and the UK with a very high success rate.

For UK mediation services (if required) we can offer the the use of neutral facilities at the ADR Faculty of Mediation. 3 Greys Inn Square London WC1R 5AH

Link – Register of Qualified Mediators

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