Norfolk Broads Wherry - Hull Survey # 01963

Upon the instructions of the Norfolk Wherry Trust, European Marine Services Ltd had the pleasure of undertaking a Hull Condition Inspection on the Wherry Albion, the Wherry being out of the water at Cox’s Boatyard, Barton Turf


Cox’s, Barton Turf being one of the few facilities that is able to handle with ease a vessel of this size and weight

General Description of the Wherry Albion

The Wherry Albion is a traditional wherry, and until the completion of Maud was the only trading wherry in sailing order. She is a classic wherry in form with the black sail that characterised the trading wherries, although she is the only one ever to have been carvel-built – her hull is made with planks that are flush at the seams.

She was built at Lake Lothing, located between Oulton Broad & Lowestoft Harbour. Suffolk in the yard of William Brighton. Her “shed” was an old ice house which was demolished after she was launched.

Dimensions: 58ft. x 15ft. x 4ft. 6ins. (17.69m x 4.57m x 1.37m), or, if the rudder is included 65ft. overall. Unladen weight 23 tons

Albion was built for the firm of Bungay Maltsters, W.D. and A.E. Walker in c 1898 and has been known to carry up to 45 tons of general cargo to include coal, wood, sugar beet, ice and manure


The hull was extensively coated with tar varnish up to approximately ½” thick, which tar varnish has now been removed exposing the bottom planking and seams

The interior central cargo hold had all flooring removed exposing all scantlings / structure and providing good access.

Lengths of 1.5 inch thick oak planking have already been removed due to overall structural deterioration, currently awaiting replacement oak boards.

The original hardwood laminated keel has been removed and replaced with a purpose designed steel box sectioned (aft) and deep mild steel continuous USB keel, being through bolted to the hog and internal members



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