Princess 30DS | Electrolysis & Galvanic Action | #00854

Princess 30DS – Electrolysis / Galvanic Action                                                              

We undertook a Pre Purchase Inspection (PPI) on this Princess motor boat and found a most unusual phenomena in so far as the antifoul paint had been stripped clean in the areas immediately surrounding all underwater bronze skin fittings

DSC06863         DSC06866

The bottom had been antifouled blue on top of a copper undercoat, which undercoating had not been left clear of all underwater appendages such a skin fittings, rudder stocks,                 P brackets etc.

DSC06865        DSC06867

It is our opinion that an electrolytic current has been set up within the copper based undercoat and the bronze skin fittings, the consequence of which a ‘reaction’ has stripped off the blue antifoul paint within the immediate vicinity of bronze skin fittings.

When the copper undercoat was applied it is necessary to leave a clean (unpainted) radius of approximately 2″-3″ around ALL bronze skin fittings

The owner of this Princess is very fortunate not to have had his props, rudder, P brackets etc attacked and destroyed by electrolysis / galvanic action

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