Lithium Battery Boat Fires - be aware

With over 1,000 spontaneous lithium battery fires reported each week, it’s crucial for all yacht owners to make informed decisions about lithium battery storage. 

Lithium-ion batteries can cause fires or explosions due to thermal runawayThermal runaway occurs when a lithium-ion battery cell creates more heat than it can effectively disperse 

Lithium-ion batteries can start fires :

                      When they are overcharged,

                      The incorrect charger is used,

                      The device or battery has been damaged,

                      There is a system fault or product defect

The liquid electrolyte containing these lithium ions is highly volatile and flammable, which creates a serious risk of fire or explosion

To prevent lithium-ion battery overheating, consider the following safety measures:

  1. Monitor Charging Temperatures:

    • Charge batteries within safe temperature ranges.
    • Use chargers specifically designed for lithium-ion batteries with built-in temperature monitoring.
  2. Avoid Overcharging:

  3. Cooling Provisions:

  4. Insulation and Thermal Management:

Remember that proper education, storage, and recycling of lithium-ion batteries are crucial for safety. Let’s keep our energy storage technology secure and reliable.


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