British Marine launches Manufacturer Identity Code online system

British Marine has released an online Manufacturer Identity Code (MIC) application and search system in preparation for the end of the Brexit transition period.

After 1 January 2021, all global boat builders, including EU-based manufacturers, will have to register their MIC on the UK register to place a vessel on the GB market.

As a requirement of the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD), a MIC code forms part of a unique serial number that every CE-marked boat must have and enables manufacturers and regulators to identify each particular vessel. It also helps others to identify the country of origin, the builder and year of build of the boat. On behalf of the leisure marine industry in the UK, British Marine is appointed by the government to administer the MIC code national register.

The online system will allow all global boatbuilders to continue to register their codes and is publicly accessible, assisting boat brokers, surveyors and second-hand boat buyers to confirm a vessel’s details.

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