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‘When undertaking a marine survey it is useful to have access to ALL areas’

During a recent inspection of a GRP motor yacht I was faced with a bit of a dilemma.

The vessel has a separate bilge for the diesel tank forward of the engine bay which I should access to report on the condition of the tank, filler, breather and condition of hull and other various bits.

The issue was that the GRP access panel was screwed down with about a dozens of screws.  That shouldn’t be a problem I said to myself, I’ll simply remove the screws and have a look at the tank and other bits.

The real problem was that most of the screws were rusted and stuck tight.  I couldn’t open the panel without damaging the GRP panel or breaking the head of screw, so at the end I couldn’t report on the condition of the bilge and diesel tank.

It is in the best interest of all parties, the buyer, the seller and the surveyor that easy access to all parts of the boat is made prior to a survey.  For a start it cuts down on the time of inspection but it mainly allows the surveyor to access seacocks hidden behind varnished screwed in panels or to access rudder stock without having to empty a lazarette filled with fishing gears, fenders and tarpaulin and certainly in this instance to gain access to a diesel tank and its surroundings.

If we can’t see it or access it we can’t report on it

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