Allante 705 Vri Sports Boat - Canadian High Performance Weekender (#867)

Allante 705 VRi  –  Sports Express Weekend Cruiser                                      

A very nice and attractive sports day cruiser built 1997 by Campion Marine of Canada

We undertook a Pre Purchase Inspection of this  express sports cruiser whilst ashore at St Olaves, being the first time we have inspected this particular make of boat

P1450665  P1450768

Designed with a very accommodating and comfortable (if small) forward cabin with a small toilet cubicle, this boat is very much a weekender with no on board service facilities such as a cooking etc. However a small wash basin is provided in the aft – very open cockpit

P1450732  P1450675

The aft cockpit area is most unusual with seating up to and around the single engine lift hatch but works well and exiting onto a large rear bathing platform The cockpit floor being teak laid with access hatches designed for such as water skis

This boat is built for speed and performance with a 350hp inboard Mercruiser and will undoubtedly provide an exhilarating experience

We suspect that there is water trapped between the inner forward moulding and hull moulding as very high moisture readings obtained but no evidence of osmosis – A problem easily solved

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