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In this blog European Marine Surveys are offering advice for Pre-Season Preparation


Ideal pocket – toolbox tool for immediate results. For all marine enthusiasts whether commercial users, hire fleet operators, private boat owners …..in fact any powered vessel. Most owners know their engines and our OILSPY test will help you to fully understand what is going on internally in your engine.

This is not a replacement for laboratory oil analysis but an additional tool for instant ‘on site’ visual results. Advance notification of any oil deterioratiobn is a certain method of safeguarding your engines from any possibility of component or lubrication breakdown/failure.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a boat then an instant test can give you a good indication of oil condition and will help in identifying coolant leaks, fuel dilution, oxidation, sediment, sludge formation and wear debris. Each boxed kit contains 20 test cards. Consider taking your boat for an engine service……take a test before and after……..was the engine flushed and the oil changed….OILSPY can tell you. Buying a used boat…take a test run, take the OILSPY test……you only need a drop of warm oil from the dipstick to give you peace of mind on engine condition

Oil Spy  – For less than £ 26.00 per box (plus P&P) of 20 test cards

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