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Diesel Treatment

There are known to be over 20 species of fuel bugs that can contaminate your fuel storage tank. If the conditions are suitable they ‘move in’ and start to multiply. The fungal spores are carried by air and water, entering your fuel system via filling ports and vents. The air space above the fuel in tanks contains water vapor. The walls of the tanks are cool and the water vapor condenses on these surfaces. This water subsequently accumulates and sinks to the bottom of the tank creating an ideal environment for the growth of the most common of fungi “Cladisporium Resinae”. Once in a fuel supply this contamination can exist virtually undetected and wait for the right conditions for growth. They can double their numbers every 20 minutes and one single spore can produce over 260,000 cloned descendants in six hours. Each spore lives for about 48 hours and as older fungi die their bodies accumulate, forming a slime that ultimately floats upwards into the fuel, a bit like soft candy floss so it doesn’t take long for the fungi to dominate the entire fuel system.

Diesel Bug Test Kit – The individually packed Marine 16 diesel bug test-kit can be used to check for microbial contamination of diesel fuels in boats, storage tanks, home heating fuels etc. Contains full instructions of use, results in approx 3-4 days One test per kit. We can in addition provide a full oil & fuel laboratory analysis service including bug/bacteria testing for all types of industries.

Diesel Bug Treatment – Is specifically designed to prevent and eradicate diesel bug contamination. It will disperse into both fuel and water phases and will remain active in the fuel for over a year. As you use the treated fuel it will eliminate growth throughout the fuel feed system.

Diesel Bug Treatment – For as little as £12.00 you can treat a full tank of diesel

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