Ultrasound Hull Thickness Surveys - Steel & Alloy

Hull Thickness Testing / Examination of Steel and Alloy construction

Save Money – No need to lift your vessel out of the water – We can measure the hull thickness with the boat afloat as long as we can get access to the important areas in the bilge spaces

Ultrasound examination of hulls to determine accurate plate / substrate thickness is undertaken with a Cygnus 4 multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauge.

This gauge enables us to undertake numerous inspections without the removal of paint / corrosion present on the surfaces = Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

We are not only limited to determining the thickness of steel but can readily use the Cygus 4 multiple echo instrument on such as Aluminium (Alloy) and GRP if required – up to 20mm of thickness

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Using our Cygnus 4 Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Gauge – European Marine Services can now measure steel / alloy plate thicknesses whilst the vessel is afloat – Saving you both time and money and slipway / lifting costs.

Surface Scaling / Corrosion and paint coatings are ignored

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