Hull Marine Survey / Inspection & Osmosis Reports

External (out of water) GRP hull inspection for Osmosis and visual / external damage to underwater appendages.

Inspection for osmosis / wicking with associated hull moisture meter levels

Fees from £9 / ft – When an ocean yacht, motor cruiser, canal narrow boat, broads cruiser are nearly new or the purchaser does not have concerns, we are regularly requested to carry out a below waterline – hull inspection only. This includes underwater appendages eg. keels, extended skegs, rudders, propeller shafts & shaft brackets, bow thruster, anodes etc etc.

Equally insurance companies may also require assurance that the motor yacht / sail boat / steel barge / broads yacht is a favourable risk. Please note insurance companies do vary as to the extent of the hull inspections undertaken.

In many cases an out of the water hull inspection is sufficient.  For older vessels insurer’s may well require a Pre Purchase Survey (PPI) report.

For a steel hull vessel / hull this may include an ultra-sound hull survey for plating thickness, this can be undertaken in-water but we will discuss and make recommendations as necessary.

Wood hull yachts the inspection includes both Tramex Skipper Plus Moisture meter readings plus hammer testing and pricking at any doubtful features etc. Internal scantling inspection being subject to additional instruction and fee.

Hull Inspections – Scope     The items covered below are detailed for GRP hulls,  however a similar scope applies for both Steel and Wood construction

Your professional Marine Surveyors for the Norfolk Broads, Suffolk, Essex, Kent, Cambridgeshire & Lincolnshire


Hull inspection for ALL materials. GRP,  Steel, Wood

In-water steel hull thickness inspections

With our Cygnus gauges we are able to undertake In-water ultra sonic – steel hull thickness surveys – providing we have dry bilge space access.  Consequently this service saves you the cost of lifting the vessel

1 Vessel Identification From supplied information & builder’s HIN
External Inspection Only – Other than when necessary for below
2 Hull  (GRP) Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Capacitance Type – Moisture meter readings (random areas) Testing of substrate, Hammer (tap) testing, Voids – Examination for Osmotic conditions  Accident Damage, Visual examination, Hull / Superstructure bonding,
2.1 Anodes, Quantity & Condition,
2.2 Keel (s) Keels / Bilge Keels & Keel bolts – Applicable to yachts
3 Propulsion Visual damage, Corrosion, Suspect items, External Shaft,
3.1 Stern Gear & Stern drive Propellers, A/P Brackets, Shafts, Extended Skeg, Cutlass bearings,
3.2 Bow Thruster & Trim Tabs Condition & Security – We do not carry out a function test
4 Rudders Pintle Bearings, Rudder blades,
5 Miscellaneous This section covers any items viewed of concern that are not covered / detailed by one of the above headings

NB:  Skin fittings & seacock operation & installations are not included