Engine Oil Sample Analysis & Smoke Generation

Oil Analysis Fee £85.00 inc. per engine     –    If undertaken at time of Survey Attendance Oil  Analysis Inspections    –   Carried out to ISO 9001: 2008 standards Oil is the life blood of all machinery – To protect yourself from potentially expensive repairs why not get an engine health check at the same time as the inspection. Engine(s) visual only inspections are carried out on yachts and power boats As surveyors (not qualified engineers) we visually inspect engines and generator installations during our inspections, when instructed / arranged the engine is run up to access its general running characteristics, vibration levels etc.  No dismantling of the engine or associated equipment is carried out within the scope of a condition survey so no detailed comment upon the internal parts is possible. As we are unable to comment on the internal condition of the engine(s). It is therefore always strongly recommended … Continue reading Engine Oil Sample Analysis & Smoke Generation